MVX Product Range

MVX is a product range co-developed by Sentient Computing and Torq Software. MVX is an innovative new technology that enables businesses to enhance the power of their data with 3D. Its all about visualizing information in 3D in real time.

MVX allows you to train your personnel effectively, combining immersive 3D visuals with outcomes-focussed content to demonstrate and assess safe and efficient workflows, hazards and emergency scenarios in an interactive and memorable way.

MVX can integrate external data sources to bring you real-time information about your operations, in a virtual 3D environment. Your valuable assets can be located, monitored, and even controlled, remotely from anywhere in the world.

3D is a powerful perceptual tool, and MVX utilises this third dimension to allow you to communicate and demonstrate concepts and information in an easily understandable way. MVX can visualise real-time, historical, and even simulated data.