Iris Debt Collection System

The Iris debt collection management system manages a variety of information related to the operation of a Debt Collection Agency. This includes a variety of different job types that cover both debt collection work and process service actions. The job types supported include:

  • Field Call
  • Collection Only
  • Repossession
  • Recovery
  • Process Service

In addition, the system allows for storage of information on the people and organizations that a Debt Collection Agency deals with.

  • Financier Clients and their staff
  • Field Agents
  • Tow Companies
  • Storage Companies
  • Job Coordinators
  • Managers and Management Assistants
  • System Administrators

Agency staff, field agents and financier clients have remote access to the Iris system via either a Remote Desktop or a standard Web Browser. Iris users can either run the Iris Windows version or the Iris Web version. The Windows version has special allowance for Remote Desktop functionality which allows for efficient user over a company VLAN. The software allows the Debt Collection Agency, its clients and its field agents to effectively collaborate on the completion of debt collection jobs. Each Iris user is presented with the information needed to complete their tasks given their role in the system and no more.

The Iris functionality includes whole of lifecycle support for the management of debt collection and other job types. This includes:

  • Automated importing of jobs from clients
  • Calculation of current arrears and balances
  • Job notes support
  • Job specific attachment and general file attachment support
  • Task Management
  • Job Ledgers
  • Client Invoice Management
  • Agent Payment Management
  • Export to accounting systems such as QuickBooks
  • Statistics and Reports
The major components of the Iris Debt Collection System include:
Iris Example Client Report
Iris Jobs Screen logged in as a Manager
Iris Job Contracts Tab
Iris Web viewing a Job's Borrower Screen
Iris Web viewing the Client Contacts Screen