medplantvantage-logoPlant Vantage is a Plant Data Analysis tool for Process and Maintenance Engineers. Check out the user manual for details on using the product. 

It provides personal access to plant data for analysis and gaining insight to optimise production and maintenance. PlantVantage was born from the needs of the small to mid tier industrial production companies who wanted the functionality of a historian and analysis tools without paying “Enterprise” level pricing.

Features and Benefits

PlantVantage integrates with the existing control system for data capture and has the features you would expect in an industry standard historian and trending package. This includes user customisable trends, statistical analysis, export to MS Excel and a simple visual interface. It also has some more powerful features to make life easier for production and maintenance people.


Powerful Analysis

  • Correlate as many points/tags/entities on trend page as you like
  • Easily analyse trends with statistical tools 
  • Automatically identify and analyse trends for specific plant alarms 
  • Playback trends 
  • Align and analyse trends with a realtime delay, side by side 
  • Create new data trends from calculations on your existing plant data


Simple to Use

  • Simple and intuitive graphical interface 
  • Simple ‘select and copy’ of data into Excel for spreadsheet analysis/graphs
  • Allows each user to customize their own individual pages to suite their needs


Easy Access

  • Sits alongside your existing SCADA or Plant Historian
  • Easy to deploy to users
  • Concurrent licensing allows PlantVantage to be accessed by all operations and production personnel



  • Integrates with existing systems
  • Flexibility to use Linux, Solaris or Windows operating systems to significantly reduce costs.
  • Server based licensing.