MacroView ADO.NET

The MacroView .NET Data Provider is an API that allows .NET programmers access to data on a MacroView or SpectraView server. A Data Provider in .NET is a set of classes that implement standard ADO.NET interfaces. The MacroView Data Provider implements these interfaces but also provides additional classes and methods for functionality specific to MacroView and SpectraView. It allows an application programmer to be able to:


· List the entities configured on the server
· List the attributes configured for a given entity
· Get dynamically updated entity.attribute values from the server
· Run a metascript query on the server and return tabular data from database entities, views, historical views and table variables.
· Define a metascript on the client side and run it with arbitrary parameters on the server.
· Automatically run a periodic metascript on the server with the results being sent back to the client.
· Transfer files to and from the server.


Important Note: The MacroView .NET Data Provider does not support the standard SQL syntax. All ADO.NET commands must be defined in the metascript syntax which has some SQL like features but is primarily oriented towards the MacroView specific functionality.