Integrate with Clients and Suppliers

IntegrateWithClientsAndSuppliers Integrating your business workflows with both your Suppliers and your Clients provides advantages to all parties in the supply chain. It promotes the quicker and more efficient delivery of products and services. Often this integration can be achieved using off the shelf products plus some integration. When off the shelf products can't go the last mile, we can develop software that ties it all together in a neat efficient combination.

We have implemented systems that use a combination of Windows programs, Web applications and server programs that integrate supply chain workflows. One such example of integration is the Iris Web product that allows Financial Service companies, Debt Collection Agencies and individual Field Agents to work with the same Debt Collection information.

Internally within the company intranet, the Debt Collection Agency staff run either Iris Windows or Iris Remote Desktop. Remotely, Clients and outsourced Agents connect to the system using Iris Web. Iris Web provides access to debt collection information via a web application using Ajax techniques. It allows Clients and outsourcers to access the Company information that they are authorized to see and change.