Tailored Reports and Displays

Specialized ReportsReports tailored to your specific business needs can make a huge difference in seeing how your business is really working and then acting on that information. We can develop reports or program displays that may not be able to produced be in your existing software systems or are a combination of information from multiple software systems. This can provide you with concise and understandable information that is needed to run your business on a day to day basis.

An example of a report tailored to the needs of a particular business is the Active Job Trend Report. In this scenario, the business operated based on the completion of jobs i.e. units of work that are well defined and can be invoiced separately. The jobs take between a week or so up to a a number of months to complete. Because of the variation in job completion times, it was difficult for the business owners to easily see the flow of jobs through their business and by implication the cash flow.

The Active Job Trend Report was created to assist in the visualization of job flow through the business. The Y axis represents the number of jobs that are in progress within the business at a given point in time. The X axis provides a time scale. The area chart in the report is colour coded so that the proportion of jobs in different age brackets can be visually identified. At any given point in time on the report, the number of jobs in each age category can be visualized. In addition, trends in each age category can easily be seen.to



Colour Meaning
Green The job is less than 30 days old
Yellow The job is between 30 and 60 days old
Orange The job is between 60 and 90 days old
Red The job is between 90 and 120 days old


In the more traditional tables of numbers reports, we have regularly utilized drill down techniques where links in a report can be used to drill down into another report or the details of the data used in a summary figure. The following Client summary report displays information grouped by Client and then into a region sub-group. Each figure that represents a count of jobs in the report is presented as a hyperlink. Clicking on the hyperlink brings up a data grid of all of the jobs that contributing to the total figure. Its a quick and easy way of exploring the report's content and by implication exploring the operations of your business.

Clicking on the No Cost link in a Job Client Summary Report

Here's an example of a data oriented drill down after clicking on the "No Cost" total in the previous report. In this case, three jobs have contributed to the value in the higher level report. The application user can then follow through and view the details of those particular jobs in the system.