Integration with Accounting Systems

QuickBooksIntegrationMyobProfessionalDeveloperThe Accounting Software is often one of the key components of a modern business. It records and presents the financial information of a business. In the majority of cases, the Accounting Software used is a general piece of software that is not tailored for use in your type of business, let alone your particular business. We can integrate multiple systems in your organization so that information flows automatically between these systems with manual labour involved.

We've worked with Intuit's QuickBooks software and are a MYOB Professional Development partner. The automated integration between your non-accounting systems and your accounting system allows reports across all systems to be update and with reduced data entry costs. An example of such an integration scenario is the automated export of job invoice information from the Iris Debt Collection system to Quickbooks.

The export feature allows large blocks of completed work to be quickly and easily exported to from an operational system to your company's QuickBook's database. In the example below, all of the jobs that have been completed and paid for (finalized) are displayed. Your Bookkeeper can then simple select all of the finalized jobs and export them automatically to QuickBooks. In this scenario, a Quickbooks invoice is automatically defined for each job but other data synchronization approaches can be taken as well. The advantage of integrating your software systems with your accounting include:


  • No repetitive data entry
  • More accurate than manual approaches
  • Up to date and timely accounts data


A particular advantage of the QuickBooks integration work we've done is that it is fully networkable over a TCP/IP network. This allows your accountant or bookkeeper to be able to say keep the accounts on their laptop, VPN into your office network to perform the accounts data synchronization. Similarly businesses with multiple office locations across the country can integrate local office data with head office accounting systems.