Our History

TorqLogoApolon Ivankovic is the Chief Developer and principal of Torq Software. Apolon was the original developer of the MacroView SCADA product suite when it was first created by Vector Technology back in 1987. In fact there is source code that was written back then that is still in operational use today running in mine sites, power stations and a variety of manufacturing facilities. Vector Technology no longer exists and the MacroView product has changed ownership a number of times since then.

In 1996, Apolon created company structured around providing his software development consultancy services to others. Much of the work was still related to the MacroView product range but there was some diversification into other software development areas in the latter part of the nineties. In 2001, he had a enough of working on large cumbersome software projects and started work out of the Torq office. Large software development projects are notorious for the inefficiencies that can arise and can be very frustrating to software developers that enjoy developing software that is put in use and delivers value to people every day.

The trading name "Torq Software" was established in 2002 together with a company direction oriented towards the development of software products for business partners. The Torq developers can specialize in software development expertise but use that expertise in a variety of business domains for our business partners. This suits the reality of custom business software in that software development is not the core competancy of most businesses yet it can become the basis of a business's day to day operation and needs to be maintained over the long term.

Since then Torq Software has taken a measured growth rate and developed a variety of products for our clients. We are still a small focused company made up primarily of software development staff. We look forward to contributing to the business success of our existing and future clients.