Software Development is Expensive


In our opinion Software Development is an expensive exercise. This is balanced by the huge benefits that can arise when the right software is applied to an appropriate business or organizational context. Putting in a statement like "Software Development is expensive" doesn't help sell our services.

But... development software is expensive. It takes:

  • Technical skill
  • The ability to deal with immense complexity
  • Significant time
  • Attention to detail

Regardless, organizations around the world spend multiple billions of dollars every year on developing new software. They do this because:

  •  The payoff in automating mundane repetitive tasks previously done by people is immense
  •  Once software is developed, the costs to reproduce it are negligible.

It's this latter point that can really confuse people in how to deal with software development. Most people, in their daily lives, just deal with:

  •   off-the-shelf, such as Microsoft Word
  •   free software, such as the Linux operating system
  •   free services, such as the Google search engine

The cost of these types of software, or the fact that they are free to the end-user, hides the expense of the initial software development and ongoing maintenance. Microsoft sells Microsoft Word for a few hundred dollars a copy because they sell in such high volumes. Google provides free search services, because they can get advertisers to pay. Open source software developers work on free software for a variety of reasons.

Our bottom line is that:

if you can get off-the-shelf software, free software or free services to achieve what you need, then... you don't need software development services the shelf, free software or free services doesn't always do exactly what your business or organization needs. This combined with the huge benefits software can provide; mean that software development can make financial sense for many businesses or organizations. If you have a scenario where benefits of automating your workflow potentially outweigh the cost of developing custom software then you should talk to us.